Add1Challenge – Week 1: Finding What Works for Me


As explained in my January goals article, I have decided to join the Add1challenge to boost my confidence and fluidity in Korean.

This challenge is based on motivation and accountability. It aims to help you hold a conversation with a native of your target language by the end of the 90 days. Thanks to a community of language learning supporters, mini-assignments, an accountability tracker and a bunch of tools, I might gain fluidity and confidence.

For me, this first week is about setting a routine and finding the right tools, so I won’t be wasting any more time trying out a bunch of new resources or browsing the web. This can become time consuming and steal precious study minutes. During the first weeks, there’s also a risk to go overboard and plan too much. Soon enough, your life catch up on you and you realize it is harder than you think to commit and stay focussed.

Here’s what I’ve been using this week:

Brainfocus productivity timer (or any timer). Have you heard of the Pomodoro technique? It’s a time-management method based on short (but efficient) study intervals, separated by short breaks. Do you know how long you REALLY spend studying every day? I realized I spent most of my so-called study time planning and looking resources up, without doing any real work. So I’ve set a timer to measure both my active and passive learning time.

I’ve also IMG_20180118_083828.jpggot a bullet journal to track my progress and to adjust my routine if needed, and then another notebook into which I note new words and relevant expressions every day. Of course, it is of no use if I don’t review them!

Learning resources

Comprehension oriented:

Production oriented:

  • Taking Italki lessons twice a week with my tutor
  • Writing sample sentences with the vocabulary learnt during the lesson
  • Writing a journal entry about my week on Italki (weekend only)

Have you tried a language challenge before? What worked best for you?

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